Monday, August 20, 2012

Sickening Waxwork comic

Sicking Waxwork comic!

I think it's clear that certain movies hold special places in my heart. (Christine, Intruder, Jaws, Evil Dead, Critters, ect) One of the more recent movies I've fallen head over heels in love with is none other than Waxwork. This movie I vaguely remember watching as a child and it wasn't until last month that I re-watched it and couldn't believe it had taken me this long to revisit such an amazing and awesome movie. It honestly had everything I love about horror movies all rolled into one. First it was made in the very kick ass year that I was born in (1988) and had a great young cast, gory piratical makeup, a clever storyline, and an overall feel that seemed that it was made very ahead of it's time. Waxwork reminds me of certain movies such as Witchboard, Popcorn, and Night Of The Demons. Their fun movies that are made for the fans. Kicking myself for not feeling star Zach Galligan (who has been at several shows I've attended in the past) I decided it make it my life's goal to have some really cool and original things to have him and actress Debora Foreman (who has began doing shows as well) to sign. I'm a huge lover of having people sign VHS tapes, but I've yet to find a good enough copy of this film on tape. Looking around on line I couldn't believe that back when the film was first released, a 3D comic book was made as a fun promotional tool for the movie. Finding it on Amazon for dirt cheap I decided to buy myself an early birthday gift and order it. Today it came in and it's safe to say I have the biggest smile on my face.

The comic doesn't exactly cover the whole movie and has some major changes in it, but having just flipped through the pages, it looks like a fun little non to now one of my new favorite films.

The comic is in 3D and luckly I have a pair of old school 3D glasses and even though the red and blue effects aren't exactly eye popping, it's still really cool to hold something from the late 1980's for such an awesome film.

So here it is friends, my very own Waxwork comic.

Can't wait to have Zach and Debora sign it in the future!

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