Saturday, July 14, 2012

A night with Night Of The Creeps

A night with Night Of The Creeps

Boston is all ready a "wicket awesome" city, but what makes it even cooler than all the other areas in the state is the fun strange shit you get to go to after dark. I'm lucky enough to live about a half an hour away from the city so whenever there's a cool classic playing at Coolidge Corner Theater, I made sure I'm there.

Coolidge Theater is a very cool old fashion movie theater that has a program called "After Midnight" in which they play classic movies all through the year. I first learned about Coolidge through a friend I met while taking a film course in college. That Halloween we went to the all night horror movie marathon in which they played such classics as...The Blob (88), Night Of The Creeps, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Poltergeist, An American Werewolf In London, and Nightbreed. The theater reminds me like something out of Inglorious Bastards. So far I've seen original prints of all those movies above, The Burning, Critters, and Popcorn.

Yesterday for Friday the 13th me and my good friend Mike decided to drive out to see the 1986 classic Night Of The Creeps on the big screen. This is the second time I've seen this wonderful movie at this theater and trust me, it just gets better and better each time I see it. I was also lucky enough to watch some awesome trailers before such as Naked Lunch.

I love Night Of The Creeps, in fact it's in my top ten. Everything about this movie is awesome. From the 1950's cheesy sci-fi flashback, to the bright loud 1980's style and soundtrack. Where else can you get old school tough police officers with catch phases, creature fighting teenagers, zombies, ghouls, and axe wheeling psychos? Night Of The Creeps was Fred Dekker's first attempt in film before moving on to my childhood favorite The Monster Squad. Sadly audiences weren't ready for Dekker's style which was very ahead of it's time. I always get chills whenever I see Jill and Jason with their shotgun and blow torch facing off against the formal zombie dates I can't help but get chills. If you ever want to see one of the best B movies of the 80's for pure fun, than this is it!


If your ever looking for a good time in Boston check out Coolidge. Later this summer I'll be coming back to see Arachnophobia, and Psycho II.

Thrill me!

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