Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best jumps in a horror movie part 1

Best jumps in a horror movie part 1

I have lovely memories when I was just seven years old and watching the original Friday the 13th with my father. I'll never forget when Alice wakes the next morning on the lake, looking around as the police finally arrive and the peaceful beautiful music booming over the soundtrack. Sitting up, Alice touches the water, looking around when...

BOOM! Jason lunches from his watery grave and grabs into Alice pulling her into the water. I never in my life have jumped so hard in my life. I have his very vivid memory of literary jumping up from my seat and screaming "FUCK!" at the top of my lungs. Looking back I find this very amusing since my father never scolded me and simply laughed watching my reaction, knowing the big scare at the end. 

There is a fine line between awesome jump scares and pop outs. A movie shouldn't reply on them (Such as a character standing behind the refrigerator door or a cat jumping into frame) but here is a brief list of the first part of some of the best jump scares in a horror movie. 

Friday the 13th -
 - Jason Jumps out of the lake

 - Carrie reaches up from hell

 - Ben Gardner's head pops out at Hooper

The Exorcist III
 - Nurse attack

The Thing
 - Blood test

The Ring
 - "I saw her face..." 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
- Record vault scene (Yeah...couldn't find a photo)
Wait Until Dark
 - Final lunge out of the darkness

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