Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pet Sematary

Yesterday I traveled up to Worcester MA to visit my very talented friend/tattoo artist Shane Murphy. Slowly but surely I've been working on getting leg sleeves since I promised my father I wouldn't get any on my arms (even though I have a tattoo on my hand...go figure) what I've been trying to do is have my legs covered in what I love

Shane is an amazing artist who's crazy talented and did this sweet Chruch tattoo for me from Pet Sematary for me. Not only am I a huge fan of the movie, the novel is by far one of my all time favorite books. I found it fitting to get this since I'm a Stephen King nut. Next month Shane will be working on my next piece which I'm beyond excited for...Sam Raimi from Intruder, Yep that's right...mulllhahahaha!

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