Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hottie of horror...

This week's hottie of horror is...
John Stockwell.
One of my all time favorite movies is Christine. A near perfect masterpeice about teenage obsession by horror wizards Stephen King and John Carpenter. Now I could go on for hours about why I love this movie so much, but I'll save that for a future review. With Monster Mania less than a month away in which the car will be making an appearance, I would it fitting to choose my first "Hottie of horror" being Mr. Stockwell who played Dennis in this classic 1983 terror filled automobile film.

John Stockwell was also in some classics in the 1980's, such as Top Gun, Losing It, and my personal and guilty pleasure favorite My Science Project. 

Now Mr. Stockwell isn't typical y my type, but I found him very attractive in Christine in which he plays the helpless best friend of the boy who slowly gets taken over by the haunted car's spirit. John now works as a writer/director in Hollywood and has worked on such films such as Into The Blue, and Turistas. John has aged very well, and even makes it out to a few car shows every once in a while whenever Christine is being shown off. My dream is to one day meet the whole original cast.

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