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15 horror films turning 30 this year!!!

15 horror films turning 30 this year!!!

1989 was the last year for the decade of the 80's. To many horror fans they believed these ten years were the hayday of horror and slasher films. Today we're showcasing 15 films that were made or released in the year 1989 that are celebrating turning 30 this year!!! Which ones are your favorites?

1) Shocker
- After bring sent to the electric chair, a serial killer uses electricity to come back from the dead and carry out his vengeance on the football player who turned him into the police.

2) Pet Sematary
- After tragedy strikes, a grieving father discovers an ancient burial ground behind his home with the power to raise the dead.

3) Intruder
- The overnight stock crew of a local supermarket find themselves being stalked and slashed by a mysterious maniac.

4) The Horror Show
- Detective Lucas McCarthy finally apprehends "Meat Cleaver Max" and watches the electric chair execution from the audience. But, killing Max only elevated him to another level of reality. Now Lucas' family is under attack, and his sanity in question. Is the house haunted? Is Lucas losing his mind? it something much worse?

5) Friday The 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
- A boatful of graduating high school students headed to Manhattan accidentally pull Jason Voorhees along for the ride.

6) A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 Dream Child 
- Alice from "The Dream Master" discovers she's pregnant shortly after graduating high school. Here she learns that Freddy has returned by the mind of her unborn child, hoping to re-enter the real world and continue killing those closest to her.

7) Puppet Master
- Psychics find themselves pitted against by a former colleague, who committed suicide after discovering animated, murderous puppets.

8) Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers 
- One year after the events of part 4, the Shape returns to Haddonfield once again in attempt to kill his now mute and traumatized niece.

9) Amityville 4 The Evil Escapes
- The demonic forces in the haunted Long Island house escape through a mystical lamp which finds it's way to a remote California mansion where the evil manipulates a little girl by manifesting itself in the form of her. dead father.

10) Cutting Class
- A murderer is loose in a high school, setting his sights on a pretty cheerleader who's father is away on business.

11) Warlock
- A warlock flees from the 17th to the 20th century, with a witch-hunter in hot pursuit.  It's up to a sassy waitress who's been put under a curse by the warlock to help it's hunter in finding him before he ends all of creation. 

12) Silent Night Deadly Night 3- You Better Watch Out
- The tomatoes Ricky Caldwell reawakens and begins to stalk a blind woman, with whom he shares a psychic connection. Here they face off with each other on Christmas Eve. 

13) The Stepfather II - Make Room For Daddy
- After escaping the insane asylum in which he was incarcerated after surviving his injuries from the pervious film. The "Stepfather" impersonates a marriage counselor and manages to win over a patient and her young son.

14) Society
- An ordinary teenage boy discovers his family is part of a gruesome orgy cult for the social elite in California. Here he learns the horrifying truth that his family may not be human.

15) Leviathan 
- An American deep-sea mining colony stumbles upon a sunken Soviet vessel hiding a horrific secret that attacks and begins picking off the crew one by one miles underneath the ocean.

So which ones are your favorites? Remember to party like it's 1989!!!
Ted looking handsome as ever in Shocker.

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