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Chip's top 10 movies to watch in October!

 Chip's top 10 movies to watch in October!

While being currently laid up on my couch with what I believe is the head cold and flu from HELL! I've been slowly plowing through plenty of horror movies for Chip's 31 Days Of Halloween. I actually just have a conversation with my friend and tattoo artist that even though I watch theses movies over and over again, yet certain ones seem to be a staple to watch to get into that cozy, spooky, October state of mind. Despite feeling so sick, I've been trying to tackle as many things to do to fully capture in my eyes one of the most wonderful times of the year. That means attending Rock & Shock, eating cider donuts, and watching non-stop movies while buying pumpkin, and ghost everything. So, here is the start of 10 movies I'm picking personally aka as Chip as movies that are a must to watch this month. Stay tuned as I ask this same question to other friends and artists and see if we share similar taste!

10) He Knows You're Alone
- A crazed psychopath is murdering young women who are set to be married. Setting his sights of a pretty young woman who's having second thoughts as her big day approaches, and her fianc√©' is off celebrating for the weekend. Here, she begins to suspect somebody is watching her as she spends her time with her girlfriends, a past flame, and begins to do last minute errands for her wedding. Is she paranoid? Or the next victim? 

9) The Blob (1988)
- A remake of the 1950's classic. A small town is taken over by a strange liquid that is growing at a frightening rate, and is touched devours human flesh. Here a cheerleader and an outcast are the only two left to protect the town which is slowly getting covered by this ooze...otherwise known as the blob!

8) 976 Evil 1 & 2
- The first film deals with a shy nerdy young man, raised by this kooky religious mother who happens upon a hotline card, left behind by his much cooler cousin. Here, he finds that every time he calls the hotline, his greatest wishes come true. Slowly he becomes addicted to the power the hotline has, which possesses him, allowing him to take revenge on everyone who has every wronged him. The sequel deals with a crazed psychopath who is arrested for his crimes of killing several young women in town. Using the same black magic from the hotline, he discovers the ability to leave his body while locked away in prison, and begins taking out everyone who gets in his way.

7) Night Of The Demons
- Angela is throwing a party, where people are just "dying" to attend! A group of  teens on Halloween night decide to party at an old abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere. Little do they know, after attempting a seance, they awaken angry vengeful spirits that possess three of the teens, turning them into blood thirsty demons. Here the last remaining friends must battle to survive and try to make it until dawn in one piece!                                                                                                                           

6) Deadly Friend 
- Paul, a brilliant teenager has just moved to a new town with his other, and robot BeBe that he's created. Here, he meets Samantha, the beautiful girl next door, who is tragically constantly abused by her drunken father. One night things go too far, and Sam is accidentally killed. Unable to believe that she's gone, Paul steals her body from the hospital and puts one of BeBe's microchips into her brain. Here, Sam awakens, but she isn't quite the same. In fact, she seems to be moving, and acting a lot like his robot. Hiding her away, Paul suddenly sees he's made a terrible mistake as Sam starts taking revenge on whoever has wronged them. With super human strength, Sam begins leaving a very bloody trail as she becomes more and more unstoppable. 

5) Halloween films (Mostly 1-4) 
- This saga, tells the story of a young boy named Michael who for no reason at all, brutally kills his teenage sister in cold blood one Halloween night in the 1960's. Locked away in a mental hospital, his psychiatrist believes that this young boy is actually pure evil. Many years later, Michael escapes and heads straight to his hometown where he sets his sights on a group of young women babysitting. Here it's up to his psychiatrist and the local police to try and find him before it's too late. The series continues onward as Michael continues to stalk the only survivor that night, as well as the rest of whatever remaining family he has left. The only sequel that doesn't have Michael in it is part 3. Here a ER doctor believes a popular mask company may be responsible for a series of mysterious deaths, all leading up to a nationwide giveaway being held on Halloween night.

4) Girls Nite Out
- A nighttime scavenger hunt at a college campus in Ohio turns deadly one October, when the clues given by the campus DJ have been switched out by a deeply disturbed killer. Here groups of young co-eds, unaware of what they are about to walk into, wander around the grounds, venturing into dark empty buildings, all the while the killer lurks in the shadows, dressed as the school's mascot, a giant bear with razor knife claws. 

3) Pieces
- Many years ago a young boy snapped, and brutally chopped his mother up with an ax, pretending when the police arrived that an intruder broke in murdering her, and leaving him for dead. Forty or so years later, this man is grown and after witnessing a young girl on a Boston campus accidentally skateboard into a mirror, shattering the glass, it triggers him into snapping and starting to attempt in "re-building" his mother's body, using a chainsaw and hacking up different female student on campus, piecing her back together. Here an undercover female police officer, and a fellow college student try to work together in finding out the identity of the killer.

2) Dark Night Of The Scarecrow
- A mentally disabled gentle man who's best friend is a sweet little girl, is murdered in cold blood by a bunch of farmers when they believe he was the person responsible for brutally attacking her, when in reality the man actually saved her when a neighborhood dog attacked the girl when she wandered into the wrong backyard. Unable to explain himself, with the town's people searching, the man hides as a scarecrow on his elderly mother's farmland. Here the dogs pick up his scent, and the men all open fire murdering him, before receiving news over the radio that it was a dog that was in fact to blame for the little girl's injuries, and that the man actually saved her. Thinking fact, they stage it to make it look like they opened fire in self-defense. The courts believing what happened, the men are let off with not even a slap on the wrist. Here, the little girl recovers, but still acts as if her friend is still alive. It isn't long before the men begin dying one by one in mysterious "accidents" on their farms. Always right before they die, a scarecrow is seen posted up in the back fields. Has the spirit of the man returned for revenge? Or is it something much worse?

1) The Midnight Hour

- A group of teens break into a museum in a small New England town to "borrow" some clothes for a Halloween party being held that night. Here they accidentally read aloud a spell causing the undead to rise, as well as ghouls, vampires, zombies, and even werewolf's! Here the town slowly starts to get taken over my monsters, as one of the teens teams up with a lovely young girl who passed away in the 1950's to try and stop the spell before it's too late!

Here are our picks! Stay tuned for our next article where I asked some of my favorite members of the horror community to give me their top ten favorite films to watch in October!!! Stay tuned!!!

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