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Top 10 moments from Creepshow 2

 Top 10 moments from Creepshow 2

In finishing with our week of paying tribute to Mr. George A Romero, I decided to pick a film that's a cult classic that George didn't direct, but helped write. A sequel to his iconic film he made years earlier with Stephen King. 

Creepshow 2.

Directed by Michael Gornick, a fellow Pittsburg filmmaker and associate of Romero, he took the wheel with this follow up which much like the pervious film featured an all star cast and crew. Here we're picking our personal top ten favorite moments from this highly underrated sequel that has turned 30 this year. Remember kids, if it wasn't for Romero, we wouldn't have gotten the Creepshow spin-off TV series Tales From The Darkside. This was a man who was decades ahead of his time, and will forever be missed! So here we have, our top favorite moments from Creepshow 2! 

1) Issue #2!
- Creepshow 2 starts off with a bang. Here we find a new Billy riding his bike, waiting by the newsstand as a truck pulls over revealing a brand new creep. (I personally wished they kept with the skeleton puppet.) Still, it's pretty cool as the new Creep (played by Tom Savini) leaps up onto the air, as the film transforms into a cartoon. Now I'll be the first to admit, I really didn't like the wrap-around story and how they kept it all animated. Still, pretty cool opening to get things rolling!

2) Opening credits.
- Both Creepshow movies have something awesome in common. They both have killer opening credits. Here we listen to the awesome score (thanks to Rick Wakeman aka from The Burning) as we get to see stunning artwork, displaying scenes from the movie unfold before us.

3) "This hair is going to get me paid and laid!"
Sam Whitemoon...what an asshole. Still, I think he's one of the most attractive actors to appear in a horror movie. (Don't judge) With those long flowing locks, who wouldn't be swooning? This dickhead robs the small country store that the most adorable elderly couple has been running with his friends. The ending result of this robbery gone wrong is heartbreaking, but I can't help but crack up whenever he goes into the Photo Booth to snap photos of himself as he raves about his hair. "Ain't no dust in Hollywood!"

4) Chief's massacre.
- The most rewarding ending to this story is how the three teens get their asses handed to them as the chief comes to life to seek revenge on the assholes who murdered his owners. All three deaths are pretty awesome, but it's Sam's who has the biggest payoff. Say goodbye to that beautiful hair!

5) Swimming off to the raft.
- The Raft I would say will forever go down as everyone's favorite segment from the entire movie. Based off a short story by Stephen King, it perfectly displays a group of people stranded as something is waiting to kill them off one by one. With a great setting, a funky looking monster, and four teenagers, we watch as they strip down, and leave their car just off the shore to dive into the icy water and swim out to the raft. I for one remember having a raft exactly like the one shown in this movie. This story is VERY unsettling, and makes you wonder...what would you do? Best of course has to be the loon getting eaten up and the sound it makes as it gets swallowed up. Sounds like a horn getting broken.

6) Deke's demise.
- All of the deaths in this story are gross, but Deke wins this go-around. Ready to leap off and try to swim for it, the goo is smart enough to go beneath the raft and ooze up through the cracks, clinging to Deke's foot. Just the screams from him make you wanna close your eyes. There he's slowly swallowed up and broken in two like a wish bone.

7) A sticky mess.
- Ah Randy, if you think you're gonna might as well die a pervert. Here he cops a feel on his best friend's girl while she's sleeping. Just as things are about to get hot and heavy, she awakens only to have the melting goo spread all over the side of her face. Screaming in pain, she makes it ten times worse as she smears it all over herself as her wide eyes stare up and she screams Randy's name. Here Randy finally makes the smart choice by actually using this as a chance to escape.

8) I beat you!
- One of the best edge of your seat moments has to be when Randy gets enough sense to move while the goo is busy. Here he swims as it quickly starts following him. At moments this creature looks...well like a giant trash bag. Still, it's beyond unsettling as he swims with all his might and barley misses the goo as he scrambles up on shore out of breath. Here he screams at it "I beat you...I BEAT YOU!" With that a tidal wave blows over covering Randy completely (Should have ran for it buddy) The best moment has to be the slow pan with the car's music still blasting over to a sign that's since been overgrown with underbrush...No Swimming. This will forever teach you. don't dive into a lake in October. The blob might get you!!!

9) Hitchhiker re-appears. 
- The last segment The Hitchhiker is pretty scary. One moment that gets me every time is when Annie looks up the dark highway road and sees the man she just hit covered in blood, carrying his sign, and lumbering on down the road. Somehow this gets me every time. Beyond terrifying! 

10) "Thanks for the ride lady!"
- After the car chase to end all car chases, Annie thinks (somehow) that it was all a dream and drives what's left of her car back home. Love the line of her discovering that her husband was late for the first time ever. Once she opens her door, the ruined remains of the hitchhiker crawls out looking like hamburger. Here he keeps repeating his famous line "Thanks for the ride lady! Thanks for the ride!"

So in closing with George A Romero's tribute week, I would like to say a big thank you to George for all of his work. His films will and forever be favorites of mine. It was an honor to have met you, and I know he'll live on with us horror fans forever!


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