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Ranking of the final Friday girls.

 Ranking of the final Friday girls.

To celebrate our second week of Sensational Summer we're twirling right into Camp Slashers by ranking the final girls from the Friday the 13th films!

12) ? - Jason X
- I honestly can't remember who was the final girl in this movie. I saw half of it once. Was she kick ass? I can't remember. Yikes...

11) Jenna - Remake
- I've been the remake once and hated it. I still remember I kept thinking this was the girl from Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. I really can't say I remember much from this girl, only that she gets it in the end. Eh.

10) Rennie - Part 8
- What a mess. Boo Hoo,  Jason tried to drag you underwater as a kid. "eye roll" who cares?! All this girl does is have visions, chase her dog, and be useless. Sorry girl!

9) Lori - Freddy Vs Jason
- I've always thought of Freddy Vs Jason as more of an Elm Street film. Still, Lori is a pretty decent final girl. The actress herself sadly fell from grace and is a total hot mess now. Still, she's smart, and seems to have a heart when it comes to poor Jason. Still, when you really think about it the only times she does anything is carry lit torches to blow Freddy and Jason up. Eh...

8) Pam - Part 5
- Good old Pam. A pretty final girl who's a little bit older than the rest of the gals. She works with her boyfriend at a halfway house for troubled youths. Not only does she know how to deal with these teens, she's also adorable when Reckless tells Demon she's his girlfriend. Pam clearly cares, and runs her ASS off in the ending scene. I mean how many bodies can one person honestly find?! She fights back using anything within reach, and her ending is honestly one of the most mysterious. I guess they were originally going to bring back Pam and Reckless in part 6 but when both opted out (not wanting their characters to be killed.) I for one would have loved to see her team up with Tommy yet again.

7) Megan - Part 6
- Megan was a spunky final girl. She was the one person who believed Tommy Jarvis, and risked it all to help him. Not only did she drive a kick ass car, she also did the ultimate prison break to bust Tommy out. Always thought her banter with her and her father. Didn't exactly blow me away with her fighting back skills, but a likable enough character,

6) Tina - Part 7
- Poor Tina. Messed up from the start. First she accidentally murders her father by using her special mind powers (Yep, you read that right.) then after suffering a complete emotional breakdown, she lives at a mental hospital for several years, only to be lied to by her doctor thinking she might actually have a chance at a normal life when in reality he's trying to expose her and use her powers that are extremely dangerous. Tina isn't exactly a strong girl, but when she loses her mother, and knows her life as well as the boy next door's life's are in danger, she finally says fuck it, and uses those powers she has. It's basically Carrie Vs. Jason in the last half of the film. She kicks Jason's ass, only to be saved by the spirit/body of her dead father from the lake...yeah...exactly. 

5) Jessica - Jason Goes To Hell.
- Not everyone loves Jason Goes To Hell. I on the other hand adore it. Jessica is Jason's niece, a woman who clearly has a wee bit of a past. After getting pregnant, she sees that her boyfriend Steven isn't ready to be a father, and takes off leaving town. A year later she's living with her boyfriend (a famous TV personality) and raising her young daughter. Forced to return home after her mother's brutal death, she doesn't really start kicking ass until she feels her daughter's life may be in danger. I always loved the scene of her kicking Steven's ass and tossing him out of the car when she believes he might be the man responsible for her mother's death. For such a cheesy B movie there's some pretty decent moments. You feel for the woman. There's a short scene of her crying in the shower, clearly devastated over her mother's death. At the end she goes into total kick ass mode doing whatever she can to protect her baby girl. Here she fights back, and is the woman responsible for taking down Jason and sending him down to Hell. There isn't many kick ass mother's like this in horror, I feel Jessica is always worthy of a mention.

4) Alice - Part 1
- The original final girl. Alice is the person responsible for Jason to "return" after witnessing his mother get murdered in the first film. Alice is mysterious, clearly has some issues with relationships (it basically spells it out that she's sleeping with the owner.) and is on the verge of leaving her summer job to go back to New York or something. Sure we don't know much about her, but when it finally comes down to it, Alice fights to survive. Sure she makes TONS of mistakes such as leaving the killer several times for dead. (Sorry honey, but I would make sure that bitch was DEAD before turning my back!) She  acts like a frightened little child in the beginning, but shows some smarts trying to protect herself. At the very end the ultimate catfight goes on at the beach where she makes sure the killer is dead and is going to stay DEAD. Sadly Alice doesn't survive after the opening of part 2, but was clearly to return back to that very same town to face her fears. If you gotta crack open a cold one and pour one out for our homegirl Alice, we should. She's the girl responsible for Jason being pretty BS at teenagers for 30 + years.

3) Chris - Part 3
- Not always a fan favorite, but we gotta give Chris where credit is due. Not only did she escape Jason and live to tell the story once, she does it again AND leave a mark on her mask that actually stays there for the rest of the series. Chris seems like Polly Miss Perfect, but actually has some major baggage. I always gave it to her, after being chased around by Jason and discovering her friends all slaughtered, she fights back like a madwoman. First she has to yank a knife out of her dead best friend's back to fight back with, when she actually goes after Jason surprising him until she harms him. She flings herself out of windows, does the smart thing so many characters forget to do which is jump in the car and try to get away! She doesn't give up until the very end even if it costs Chris her sanity. For sure a total kick ass babe!

2) Trish - Part 4
- "I'm going to give you something to remember me by!" Yes! One of the most beautiful final girls in the series, as well as strongest. The forth entry in these films which was also supposed to be the final film, certainly pulled no stops in making this Jason's last tango. Trish plays Tommy's older sister. A pretty girl who clearly is trying to find a way to look for some excitement this summer that doesn't involve her mother or brother. After her parents recently divorced, she's still holding off onto hope they get back together. Here you can feel her frustration as she constantly made to run errands with her brother, and miss out on all the fun that's currently going on next door with a group of kids her own age. I always loved her little crush on Rob, the hunter who's looking for revenge. When the shit hits the ran, Trish may scream like there's no tomorrow, but she actually is a pretty brave chick. Not only does she try to run back down into the basement to save Rob, she actually fights back! Here she swings, cuts, chops, and does whatever she can to protect her and her brother from Jason. She also shows major balls when she throws herself out a second story window when she's trapped! The best shinning moments of course has to be when she whacks Jason in the hand and legit doesn't let up until the very end. Those Jarvis children sure know how to kick ass! Was always bummed she never returned for part 4!

1) Ginny - Part 2
- I'm sure Ginny will usually always take the #1 spot in most lists when it comes to ranking the final Friday girls. Ginny takes the character of Alice another step. She's independent, funny, intelligent, and outsmarts Jason himself. This is a young woman who is at grad school studying child psychology, as well as helping her on and off again boyfriend Paul start up his councilor training program off of Crystal Lake. This is a pretty girl who legit has to think fast on her feet when she accidentally wanders into Jason's shack after being attacked. Here she uses the legend of Jason she's always sympathized with, and pretends she's his mother. This scene always creeps me out because for a few brief moments, she actually fools this ruthless killer. Not only does she use her brains, but she fights back (chainsaw anyone?) and seems like more of the more realistic girls in the films. I mean come on, I would totally piss my pants if I saw a rat crawl beside me!

Happy camping!!!

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