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Best third entries in a horror series!!!

 Best third entries in a horror series!!!

In celebrating with the 30th anniversary of A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors I decided to take a look back on some of the best third entries in a horror series. Usually by the time around for the third movie it's either hit or miss. In my eyes, some of the strongest sequels are usually the third ones. So here are my top ten favorite third entries, and what makes them rock!

1) Friday the 13th part III
- After becoming wounded at the end of part 2, Jason escapes and happens upon a group of teenagers on the other side of Crystal Lake looking to party at a cabin for the weekend. Here, Jason slowly begins picking them off one by one as well as finding his iconic hockey mask.

2) A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors
- A group of young teens at a mental hospital learn how to control their dreams and fight back again Freddy Krueger, using powers that only exist when they fall asleep. Teaming up with a doctor, and a survivor from the original film, they band together, trying to figure out how to stop him once and for all.

3) Final Destination 3
- A young girl witnesses a vivid vision of all of her friends dying in a horrible rollercoaster crash during senior night at a local amusement park. After throwing a fit, herself along with several other teens get kicked off the ride, only to watch it crash minutes later. A few weeks later the survivors begin dying in mysterious and violent accidents. Here, the girl figures out she can predict the deaths by looking for clues in photographs she took the night of the coaster crash. 

4) Halloween III Season of the witch
- One night a doctor treats an older man clutching a popular Halloween mask by a company that's taken the country by storm that autumn by selling these masks and advertising a huge giveaway that will go live on Halloween night in which children from all over need to be wearing one of the masks and watch it live on TV in order to get a chance to win. The question is, who is this company that are making these masks, and what exactly did this man see to make him become so terrified. 

5) Day Of The Dead
- A small group of scientist and soldiers are currently living in an underground mine where they are trying to figure out a cure on making the undead return and crave human flesh. Here a twisted scientist shows off his latest experiment, a zombie named Bub who seems to remember what it was like being a human before. 

6) Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
- A young couple traveling through Texas hear on the radio about a massive body pit that was discovered by police where hundreds of decomposing bodies were found. After witnessing a murder, the two take a wrong turn in complete panic, and happen upon a twisted family who have been murdering and eating tourists for years. 

7) The Horror Show
- A police officer is convinced a serial killer who was just put to death has turned from the grave and is stalking his family. 

8) Slumber Party Massacre III
- A group of young girls having a slumber party invite a handsome young stranger they met earlier on the beach. As the party continues that night it's revealed that this guy is actually a deeply disturbed psychopath with a haunted past. Here, he brings a huge power drill and begins attacking the trapped teens, murdering them in violent over the top ways.

9) Bloodlust Subspecies III
- Michelle, still trying to escape Radu who wants her as his bride, teams up with her sister, and several others while she tries to master the skills she now possesses as the undead.

10) Phantasm III Lord Of The Dead
- Taking place directly after part 2, Michael and Liz are involved in a horrible car accident that claims Liz's life, and puts Michael into a coma. Years later, he awakes with Reggie still by his side. Instantly The Tall Man is hot on their trail, wanting to take Michael, and turn him into one of his slaves. Here, Michael finds that his own brother Jody has been turned into the undead, who has escaped and currently is trying to aid his brother and friend. When Michael is kidnapped, it's up to Reggie, a skilled military trained woman, and a young boy to find him and fight off a group of zombies.

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