Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween themed treats. The good, the bad, and the nasty...

Halloween themed treats. The good, the bad, and the nasty...

Halloween has passed, yet we're still slowly recovering from the epic thirty-one days of pumpkin everything, the Friday the 13th and Halloween movies playing on AMC, and wonderful decorations everywhere. This was a post I've been wanting to do for sometime now, so here are some Autumn/Halloween themed treats that I tried this season and my over all thoughts on them. The fact I'm writing this with a massive stomach ache should tell you something. #likeaboss

1) Ecto Cooler.
A+ - This drink was my jam back in 1992. I still clearly remember rocking these juice boxes as a kid and dying laughing whenever I saw boxes of these on eBay going for 500$. Legit...500$ for a box of mold. I was one of the many assholes that searched high and low for one of these babies this past summer and nabbed as many as I could, enjoying the rush of sugar and early 90's feels. I heard these are going into retirement which I have to admit I'm not stunned over. Great fun little childhood treat but drink more than two of these and you're puking green. Guess we can give that shitty Ghostbuster movie props for something...thanks!

2) White cheddar cheeto bones.
A - I'm not a cheat fan in general, but I grabbed a bag of these and said YOLO when I dove into the white cheddar bag of goodness. Here you were able to put these little cheat bone pieces together to make a skeleton. Could you just die?! I love food you can play with (forever 8 years old) Only downfall was this is junk food at it's finest and after more than a few bones you feel sick, plus white cheddar fingers...gross!

3) Count Chocula cereal 
A - I never truly jumped onboard the whole monster cereal train. I decided to say screw it and buy a box this past month. Not wanting to have my throat close I decided to buy the only cereal that didn't have any berry flavor (better safe than sorry) Now I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but I decided to pour myself a bowl of this fun little monster themed treat to review. I wasn't that disappointed. It was sugary cereal with shapes of what I believe were either skulls or bats. I've never been a huge cereal fan but this stuff was pretty yummy!

4) Candy corn, candy corn, and more candy corn...
A+ -  Who doesn't love candy corn? Well actually a lot of people hate it which blows my mind. I've always loved Candy Corn and Candy Pumpkins. Candy Corn everything please. It breaks my heart this is seasonal. Lucky for me my friends hooked me up and I have bags of the shit to last me until spring.

6) Reese pumpkins.
A+ - Put a gun to my head and ask me my favorite candy? Well it's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I love how every season they do something different. You have Reese hearts, bunnies, eggs, trees, and yes pumpkins. These rock. 

7) Cider donuts.
B -  I gave these a slightly lower ratting simply because you can't really find a truly awesome donut depending on where you get them. Fresh from a bakery, HELLS YES. A normal donut chain, eh so-so. Still, I was pumped when these puppies started to show their faces in mid August. 

8) Apple crisp ice cream.
A+ -  A local ice cream chain down the street from my house always closes the last week of October before re-opening again in the spring. From late August onward, they do the fall flavors such as pumpkin pie, egg nog, and yes apple crisp. I was only to get this bad larry twice this year but with hot caramel...pure Heaven.

9) Quicksand dip
 C+ - My late mother used to make this dip only around Halloween called quicksand dip. The shit that went into that dip always blew my mind (peanut butter, cream cheese, and hot sauce?!) Mind you there are several other things that go into this, but it was always crazy good and I'm sure crazy bad for you. Wanting some warm memories I decided on Halloween before passing out candy and freezing my ass off for the trick or treaters, I whipped up a bowl of quick sand dip. Damn, I fucked up. I have no idea what I put in there or didn't put in...but this was not good. Not good at all. I'm sure my mother is looking down laughing at me, but this shit you could have laid between bricks. Damnnn.

10) Homemade carmel apple spice.
 B+ -  I've never been a huge Starbucks fan but I have always loved the Carmel Apple Spice drink. basically it's hot apple cider with whipped cream. It's Still, I looked up and saw you could make it homemade. I was missing a few ingredients, but I decided to say screw it and try making some myself. So far I've made two cups worth and it's decent. A little too sweet, but not that bad at all. Worth trying out.

11) Cookies.
F -  How can you mess up pre-baked cookies? Really? All you do is break them apart and cook them at 350. Well...I may or may not have left the kitchen to watch Fright Night II and forgot that they were in the oven. Bright side is I have little black circle paper weights now!

So what October/Fall treats did you try or make this year? What was good and what was horrible?

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