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5 Things we would have wanted to see in Waxwork III

 5 Things we would have wanted to see in Waxwork III

With news of both Waxwork and Waxwork II Lost In Time FINALLY getting the double feature blu-ray release they deserve this fall, I decided to round out our week of the 1990's in the best way possible. To talk about the third film in the series that sadly never came to be. Years passed after the release of Waxwork II Lost In Time which was a huge hit on video. Rumors circled around for some time that a third film would indeed be made. This being called Waxwork Through The Gates Of Time where Zach Galligan would be returning as Mark Loftmore and how he winds up meeting wizard Merlin who teaches him as a time lord (or whatever the hell they were called) he can jump from dimension to dimension. A fan made poster was made, and some talk went around issues of Sangria where both director Anthony Hickox and Zach Galligan spoke of maybe wanting to do a third movie or even a TV series bases off the movies. Sadly more time went by, and this idea simply stayed in limbo. When I myself interviewed Galligan in 2013 asking if he ever had wanted to do a third movie he said he wouldn't have been against it, but at that time in his career he was really doing nothing but horror and science fiction movies and didn't want to get typecast. So, instead we were left with just two movies. Two great amazing movies, but sadly we could never round off the series with a trilogy. 

Today, we're talking about what are five things fans like myself would have loved to see if there had actually been a third movie.

1) Have it be made in 1995-1998 or so.
- Waxwork was made in 1988, Waxwork II 1992. I feel a third movie would have been the most successful in the mid to late 1990's when the video market was at it's most popular, and fans from the first two films still had the pervious entries fresh in their minds. The 1990's were known for amazing sequel installments, so why not this one? Not that the year it would be made would make any difference, Zach Galligan hasn't aged a day in 30+ years...

2) Get Galligan back as well as Hickox to direct one last time.
- What made these movies work so well was the fact you had Hickox and Galligan teaming up. I've said it once, I'll say it again. These two made one HELL of a pair. Yes Zach did cameos for Hickox in Warlock II and Hellraiser III, but I would have absolutely loved had they teamed up one last time. I'm DYING to listen to the commentary they just recorded this past week for both movies for the blu-ray release. Seeing them work together one more time would be a Waxwork nerd like myself dream come true!

3) Replace the actress of Sarah AGAIN or bring back Foreman.
- I have nothing against Monika Schnarre. In fact I think she's gorgeous and looks great beside Galligan. Still, she didn't hold the chemistry Foreman and him had in the original. If they could't have Deborah come back one last time I would just say fuck it and cast a completely new actress. Do what they did with the Rusty character in the Vacation movies. Just have Zach play against a new actress in each movie.

4) More horror cameos!
- We as horror fans love hidden Easter eggs in movies, mostly with cameos. Waxwork II was packed full of them. Whatever the new plot is I would jam pack it with known faces from pervious horror movies that we all know and love. If you are going to pay tribute to past movies, why not jam pack it full of cameos!

5) Practical effects please!
- Had this movie still been made in the 1990's I am pretty sure we would still have some pretty amazing top notch effects here. Make more creatures, go nuts!

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