Sunday, June 26, 2016

Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer part duex - Week 3! - Sharks - 7-11 Shark Week donut!

 Staystillreviews' Sensational Summer part duex - Week 3! - Sharks - 7-11 Shark Week donut!

So you would expect my excitement when I saw that Shark Week was being moved up this summer, and horror director Eli Roth was returning as it's host, AND that local 7-11s were doing a whole promotional campaign for this beloved week that many of us look forward to all year.

Now I'm not trying to act all high and mighty here but I LOVED sharks long before loving sharks were cool. I think I was honestly the only little girl growing up and watched Jaws so many time their VHS copy fell apart, or collected plastic sharks as a hobby. Sharks have and will be always a huge love of mine. In fact, my old car was completely piled with stuffed sharks, and while at college a bunch of my roommates all pitched in buying me an ORIGINAL 1975 Jaws poster signed by the entire cast. This is seriously one of my favorite items in my collection, and still blows my mind that I own it. I have a blue shark tattooed on my foot, which I plan adding onto, because let's be real people...who doesn't love a shark tattoo. So after years of watching shark movies, collecting sharks, watching documentaries about sharks, and of course every year watching shark week. 

So the moment I saw this, I knew I had to check it out.

While in my travels, I drove to the closest 7-11 which was in a REALLY bad neighborhood, so after making sure for the third time that my car was locked, I went inside instantly hearing a group of men argue over what flavored blues they were going to buy as I scooted myself to the back of the store and began scanning for the goods. What I ended up buying was two straws with hammerhead sharks on them. One of which will be given away this week. I also snagged a shark coffee cup which FYI, held up even in the dishwasher. (The more you know...) Before leaving I also grabbed one of this glorious donuts. Sadly instantly I saw that the frosting was blue raspberry. Now for those of you who don't know me, I'm healthy allergic to blueberries, blue raspberries, and blue dye. F.M.L I love blueberries, I mean LOVE blueberries. Several times as a child I ate when even risking the reaction because they taste so damn good. In fact, if I knew the world was ending tomorrow, I would sit my ass down to a big blueberry pie. 

It's blurry, but I feel this is how real shark would be photographed. (...)

Well, not wanting to risk it this time I grabbed one of the donuts in hope that my roommate could eat it and at least explain how it tasted. So I got home, fixed myself a big iced coffee (sorry 7-11 your coffee taste like shit.) and I had my roommate dig into the donut. Well, for a man of few words he chewed it, thought for a while and shrugged saying...

"It taste like a jelly donut, it's pretty good." and then he ate the shark on top. 

(I did not get the slurpee seeing that it's flavor is blue raspberry, plus, it looks nasty)

Well, that's the best I could get from him so I'm guessing that it's a decent donut (the red jelly inside is a nice little touch, as is the gummy little shark on top.) So in the summer of movie themed treats (Ecto Cooler, green twinkles, ect.) I say swing by a 7-11 and grab some shark straws (which they are selling out of very quickly) and some shark donuts. There are two different kinds. Ones that are jelly with the sharks on top and regular ones with blue frosting on it. I've spoke to 3 different people who are actually having a hard time tracking down the shark donuts and straws so if your gonna get them, try to get them this week while they last!!!

Until then, long live shark week!!!

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