Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jaws - If It was made today...

 Jaws - If it was made today...




I rather see more sequels (yes, with roaring sharks, and 3D ones, and terrible acting.) I feel the bar was set so high back in the 70's with the original that nothing will never come close nor top it. This post is just a what if...Jaws was made today. Here would be my three choices for the leads, and what I would want to see if it was made in the summer of 2016. 


In fact, if they ever did a sequel via Mad Max, or Jurassic World, a sequel in the same universe I would be happy as a clam. A remake on the other hand...agrhhhhh. 

Chief Brody
- If this movie wad made today I would have Chief Brody played by Michael Fassbender. I feel Fassbender (who in my eyes is one of the greatest actors of this generation) do a wonderful job playing the awkward, likable, slightly scared chief of police who is way over his head trying to be the only voice of reason in his small town.

- Few people actually came to mind on who would play the crazed fisherman who's desitny was to die at sea. I feel with Tom Hardy's more recent roles, this would have been a perfect role for him to play. Gray up the beard and hair a little bit and I can see a great white wanting to swallow him whole!

Matt Hooper
- Everyone loves this guy Tom Hiddleston. I have nothing against him, I just haven't seen those Avenger movies so I don't see the hype. Still, I feel done up the right way he would be our modern day Matt Hooper. Originally I thought maybe BJ Novak for size, but this guy seems like he could pull off the nice, quick thinking scientist that is the only other person on the island that sides with the chief. 

My other thing would be very little CGI. That killed Jurassic World for me was the fact that in only a few scenes puppets were actually used and those were the ones that hold up while the rest, less than a year old is all ready starting to age. I understand it's impossible to do no CGI. I mean look at the original film. that shark barley worked at all! Still, lazy filmmaker is what ruins a classic film.

Again, this is not a post of me wanting one of my all time favorite movies remade, it's just a what if it was made today. I'll be doing another in a few weeks for Jurassic Park. Let's see if you can guess my cast for that one!


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