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5 things that could have made Terminator Genisys less terrible.

 5 things that could have made Terminator Genisys less terrible.
Maybe it's because I just recently re-watched James Cameron's original first two epic science fiction thrillers. Two movies after all these years will continue to be favorites of mine. You got the original low budget gritty and down right terrifying first film. A movie that features not only one of the greatest love stories ever told, but features the scariest robot ever to grace the silver screen. Then you have it's sequel. A film dare I say might even be better than the first. A movie that after all these years have yet to be topped. A film that's effects still haven't been beaten and were decades ahead of it's time. A film that had one of the coolest villains of all time turning into liquid metal.

The first two Terminator films were huge favorites of mine growing up, and were always playing on a loop at my house while I was growing up. I'm a fan of James Cameron's work for the most part (I adore Aliens and The Abyss) so these first two movies meant a lot to me. Sadly I was VERY disappointed when part III was released sadly not holding the same drive the first film had. Still, being the act to follow part III is quite the feat. Then part 4 happened and I was bored to tears. When I first saw the trailer to Terminator Genisys I was pretty hopeful. First, the casting of Sarah was dead on, second getting Arnold back one last time was a huge plus, and lastly it was going back to it's roots. They were going to pay tribute by going back to the original film we all know and adore. They were going to fuck with time lines  (I had faith in this after watching 2014's Days Of Future Past) and seemed hopeful that things seemed to be going back to where the film truly shinned. I mean going back to 1984? Having Kyle Reese back?! A liquid metal man again? Whattttt?!!

Well, this past July I spent 18 fucking dollars to see this movie in 3D, wanting to make my 6 year old self since I guess I was obsessed with these movies to the point I was the only little girl with Terminator dolls and a T2 sweatshirt (I'm not joking) So I came, I saw, and I left in a little of a haze.

Did I hate it? - No, after the bitter and I mean bitter tease part 3 and 4 left me I was happy with at least what we got. In my eyes if I had to pretend this was the true part 3 I would. It had some promise, I liked some stuff but for the most part...this movie was a total and utter piece of shit. Sure agree or disagree with me but here are 5 things I feel would have made it just a "little" bit better.

1) Recast Kyle Reese.
Nothing crushed my soul more than the HORRIBLE casting of Kyle Reese in this newest film. In fact I even wrote a whole article about my disappointment when Jai Courtney was announced to be playing the role that sadly hasn't been done to justice since Michael Biehn first rocked him back in 1984. I got nothing against Mr. Courtney but they were so on the nose with re-casting Sarah. She even looked just like her! This casting of Kyle came across as dumb and lazy. The whole pull of this movie was showing these two characters who tragically haven't been together in almost 30 years and having true blue fans in the audience see them get a second chance to kick ass. Between the the
rrible lack of chemistry, and me just being annoyed I thought this was one of the biggest downfalls of this film. Had they gotten ANYONE that looked more like the original actor I think it would have worked better. I named several actors who really could have done it but I feel Hunger Games actor Sam Clafin would have ruled. Not only does the guy steal the show in the few movies I've seen him in, he also looks like a young Michael Biehn. 

2) Stay in 1984
Okay, this may really fuck up the original plot in Terminator Genisys but since the timeline is all ready thrown completely out the window I would start from scratch. What originally pulled me into going to see this movie was the fact they were going back to basics. I understand we can't live in the past but with a movie about time travel WHO CARES?! I think showing downtown L.A in 1984 would have been awesome if seen more. Maybe have the entire film take place during the original film's events and show that several new terminators have been sent back including the original one. Maybe show some of the film's original sets (would love to somehow see Tech-Noir again, or maybe even the original police station) I feel this film would have been MUCH better had the entire thing been set in the past with the huge twist of Sarah and Kyle's son traveling into the past only to be the newest biggest villain. 

3) Ease down on the CGI.
I know this is the biggest complaint with most films these days. Sadly, there's very little you can do about this since studios don't want to shell out the money for practical effects nor spend the time on them. I feel Cameron did it best by doing the perfect blend of practical effects and CGI which was perfected from his original dabble in it with The Abyss in 1989. Attention to detail is what recent movies lack. I think there are some things that really did have to be CGI. I mean them re-doing the original scene in the opening when the T-100 returns was well done (besides not being able to match the punks who it kills "eye roll") And yes, the liquid metal man had it's moments but the John Conor one was laughable as were all of the future scenes. Sadly there isn't any excuse since T2 had CGI and it still looks cutting edge way back in 1992. Rushed production and the easy way out aren't always the right choice.

4) Cut out the Bad Boys arrest scene.
Nothing wanted to make me scream more than when this scene happened. It was sooooo out of left field. Between the awful choice of "Bad Boys" playing along with the leads getting their mug shots done I wanted to scream. I know it was done for laughs but I feel this was the final nail in the coffin for this turkey.

5) Cameos from Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn.
What made the first film so good was the chemistry and tragic love story between the characters of Sarah and Kyle. In fact, I'll never forget how bad my heart broke when I saw the deleted scene from T2 when Sarah dreams of Kyle visiting her in the mental hospital. I would have LOVED to see a happy ending showing ages into the future where we see an older Sarah and Kyle living together happy, being played by the original actors Hamilton and Michael Biehn. For a massive fan, this would have been wonderful to see.

So thoughts?

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