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10 movies that deserve the blu-ray treatment!

 10 movies that deserve the blu-ray treatment! 

As I sit, nursing off the world's worst head cold/flu, I've been spending a good amount of my vacation underneath blankets watching movies. As of right now I'm watching Hell Hound, Devil Dog From Hell. A classic 1970's made for TV movie. As I sit here, I ponder which movies truly deserve the blu-ray treatment. In this last decade or so we've been very lucky to have so many cult classics get either the DVD or blu-ray treatment. Films such as Night Of The Creeps, The Monster Squad, Bloodrage, The Stepfather, even now The Mutilator have been released in HD. I decided to try and choose lesser known movies that I can only hope will finally get the blu-ray treatment they deserve! Shout Factory, Synapse, and Arrow Video I'm talking to you!

1) Waxwork and Waxwork II Lost In Time
- I'm sure we all know how I feel about these two movies getting the blu-ray treatment they deserve. In fact if you haven't swing on by my Facebook page There are dozens of reasons why these movies should be released, but sadly due to right issues it seems to be stuck in limbo. A girl can dream of a double feature SE release with commentary by Galligan, Foreman, and Hickox. With rumors floating around of Waxwork maybe being next to get the remake treatment I can only hope this will push the issue to get these two beautiful movies finally released in blu-ray once and for all!

2) Night Life
- This highly underrated zombie gem is not only charming, but actually a really well done movie with Scott Grimes from the Critter movies. This is a really great movie, released at the tail end of the decade with great effects, and tons of action. Sadly this movie is not only out of print, but the only versions you can get are either from VHS or bootleg where the quality is fuzzy and dark. There are countless films that aren't released in HD and sadly the original tape transfer is so bad you miss half of the pay off scenes. For a movie that mostly takes place at night (Get it? Ha!) it's hard to actually tell what's happening. I can only hope someday this movie gets released on blu-ray, maybe right around Halloween!

3) Killer Party
- Another gem that strangely reminds me of Halloween (even if it does take place on April Fools' Day) This past October I watched this movie along side with Night Life more than enough time I actually was worried I might burn out my VHS tapes of these films. Lucky we have a bare bones DVD release of Killer Party, but I feel it would be a huge treat for fans of this zany camp classic if it got the blu-ray treatment. I would love to see some special features behind this guilty pleasure of mine. Maybe a making of that awesome music video in the beginning! 

4) Deadtime Stories
- I always felt this movie could have been a whole lot better, but if you grew up in the 1980's or 90's you most likely will have fond memories of renting this movie from the video store. Who doesn't love the catchy opening theme?! With so many odd ball films of the 80's getting the blu-ray treatment why not this one? I would love to someone hear Scott Valentine's thoughts on making this movie after all these years!

5) Hauntedween 
- "Welcome to the house of horrors..." I was lucky enough to watch this movie on bootleg thanks to my friend Nate a few months back. I might have been laughing my ass off during a good portion of this film, but it was for all the right reasons. This extremly cheesy and low budget slasher movie that has an actually really solid storyline is just begging to be released on either DVD or Blu-ray. The quality is terrible, in fact it looks almost like it was shot on some old school video camera. Seeing this get cleaned up even just a little bit would be a huge treat. Even if it was released on a multipack I feel having a new generation of horror fans discovering it would be it's worth in gold.

6) The Midnight Hour 
- One of my fondest memories as a child was renting this movie from my local video store and legit rematching it over and over and over again. In fact back in school I begged a guy who lived downstairs from me to download it, and was thrilled when just a few months later I was able to find it on bootleg and then an original VHS copy! This film legit is for ages young and old, and in my eyes the perfect movie to watch around Halloween. It's cheesy, it's fun, and it has one Hell of a soundtrack! This movie has been released on DVD but has since been out of print. If you ever want to order it online you are looking to pay a pretty penny. My dream would be that this gets the blu-ray treatment around Halloween OR is part of an awesome made for TV movie set since this by far is one of the best. Remember guys never say never. Dark Night Of The Scarecrow was a made for TV movie and it got an epic release. We can only hope the same for this one!

7) Radioactive Dreams
- I feel it's only a matter of time before this crazy colorful splashy 1980's gem gets the blu-ray treatment. The same director and lead star made a film a year later (Dangerously Close) and Olive films released it on blu-ray just this past winter. Yes the DVD was bare bones with zero extras, but being able to watch it in crystal clear HD made me thrilled. There were scenes from that movie that were so dark you couldn't tell what was going on. A movie like Radioactive Dreams I feel deserves the same treatment. In fact I think with Dangerously Close getting released it's only a matter of time before this one follows. Radioactive Dreams is an action adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, that seriously has everything but the kitchen sink thrown into it. I'm a massive fan of it and I feel a fun little movie like this would be awesome to see in a clearer format. I mean John Stockwell (the movie's lead) all ready has a few of his 80's films released on blu-ray - Dangerously Close, Christine, and just recently My Science Project. It's almost an unwritten law this needs to be next!

8) Amityville 1992 It's About Time
- Another huge favorite of mine. So far the first three Amityville movies have been released on blu-ray by Scream Factory with plenty of extras in an awesome boxset. My dream would be to have The Evil Escapes, It's About Time, and The Next Generation released as another boxset, this time based off the house's cursed objects (Sorry but Amityville The Curse gets no love here) I would love to see Tony Randel do a commentary and finally get Megan Ward and Damon Martin back together all these years to hear their memories and thoughts about this highly underrated sequel. Plus what a pretty film to see in HD!

9) The Kindred
- This may be one of the most underrated films on this entire list. I have vague memories of seeing this movie dozens of times before at the video store growing up. It wasn't until my friend Nate urged him to finally check this movie out due to it's awesome effects. Snooping around, I bought the movie on bootleg while on vacation in Florida and as soon as I got back home I couldn't believe it had taken me honestly this long to finally check out. The Kindred was a movie decades ahead of it's time. With amazing effects, a beautiful soundtrack, and a cast of likable characters it's just begging to finally get released on blu-ray. For years this movie has just stayed on tape, waiting for the right release. I would love to see behind the scenes footage, mostly with the epic fish woman transformation at the end, or the making of the many different Anthony's. 

10) Rejuvenatrix
- Oh Rejuvenator...this movie's gross effects knocks all the other films on this list way out of the water. I'm still on the hunt to find this movie on tape, but was lucky enough to be shown this film the same night I discovered Blood Rage a few years back. Owning it on a grainy bootleg copy, I dream of the day we can finally see it released in HD. I would love to see Ed French talk about this gross splatter effects and the making of this movie almost thirty years later.

So which movies do you wish get the blu-ray treatment? I feel this is just part 1 of my list since there are so many more that deserve the blu-ray treatment!

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