Saturday, June 20, 2015

Graduation Day (1981)

 Graduation Day (1981)

I'm sadly a little behind on my last two posts due to a very busy weekend, so I'm trying to catch up with my last couple of posts. The first of course is two slashers that are highly underrated, and released at the beginning of the early 1980's slasher boom. These are movies that are a must to watch around this time of year. The first being Graduation Day. With some well known faces from this gene, along with an awesome unseen killer looking for creative ways to kill these unsuspecting teenagers one by one. As cheesy as this film it, I've always been a fan. I like how they decided to stray away from holidays and used a popular event like a school's graduation instead. Loved the opening scene, and of course of story of the school's team pressured by the crazy coach, which leads to the killer's insane acts of revenge. With a pretty cool ending, and some uber 80's moments, I'm a pretty huge fan. A must to watch around this time as you are attending graduations and who knows maybe even a disco party!

My second added on title comes from the movie House On Sorority Row. The reason why I picked this film is because the movie's events take place during June 19th. Yet another school slasher with some pretty awesome moments, kills, and storyline. Not a fan of the remake at all, but the original is a huge must to watch for any horror fan. Just wish they stayed with the original ending!

So I advise anyone this weekend, after watching either The Stepfather movies or Creepshow (Father's Day) to pop in these movies to have a truly awesome terrifying kick off to summer!

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