Monday, January 26, 2015

Breakdown of my horror wall.

 Breakdown of my horror wall.

Due to the blizzard of fricking 2015 upon us, my work was called off for tomorrow, so I'm nice and cozy in my downstairs den listening to the cast commentary of Dawn Of The Dead, my heater buzzing, and a nice tall glass of wine beside me. So why not bore you all with a breakdown of my "horror" wall. I keep almost 80% of my movie/horror collection downstairs in my house in my den. A lot is in my office (as well as things I've made) and some are in my downstairs kitchen, as well as in storage. Still, I keep a good amount of it down here where I watch most of my movies. What can I say? I have a Stacy cave. Years ago, back in the 1970's, this served as my parent's den and one side of the wall served as a gun rack for my dad's guns when he used to hunt. Many years later this den became my bedroom in high school and I pretty much took most of the pegs down turning it into a massive display for my VHS tapes and other odds and ends. Now that it's my den, I have it as a wall that displays some of my vinyl records, VHS collection, action figures, and other favorite and most near and dear pieces that I've collected over the years.

Every once in a while I post different shots of my den because I'm sure I'm not the only nerd here that has to dust and rearrange the displays to our own liking every once in a while. So here is a quick run down of what's shown in this photo.

1) Zach Galligan's personal Waxwork II crew shirt - I won this back in 2013 for Adam Green's One Fund. This was Zach's very own Waxwork II crew shirt he got after filming wrapped, it is also signed to the "Ultimate Waxwork fan!" #betyourassitis
2) Waxwork II crew shirt - This was a second Waxwork II shirt that I found online over in the UK last December. It came with paperwork showing that it was in fact legit, and given to only the cast and crew after filming. This is the shirt I have worn once or twice. Feels like the 90's every time I wear it!
3) Waxwork Italian lobby cards (5 in total) - Two of which are signed by Zach Galligan.
4) Waxwork/Waxwork II double feature DVD
5) Horror 8 Pack - Waxwork, Ghoulies III, Class of 1999, The Unholy, 976 Evil II, Slaughter High...and I'm sure I'm forgetting one. This is by far one of the greatest horror packs ever on DVD. Even though it's the cut version of Waxwork, and it's super dark. #bitchingandmoaning.
6) 2 Waxwork comic books, one of which is signed by Zach Galligan.
7) Deborah Foreman black and white autograph from Waxwork.
8) Waxwork II Japan VHS tape signed by Zach Galligan.
9) Waxwork II signed VHS tape
10) Japan Waxwork II VHS tape
11) 2 VHS copies of Waxwork uncut, one of which is signed by...yep you guessed it Zach Galligan.
12) Waxwork laserdisc signed by Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, and Dana Ashbrook.
13) Zach Galligan autograph from Waxwork.
14) Two European magazines with both Waxwork and Waxwork II on the covers.
15) Day Of The Dead mini poster from Fright Rags box set.
16) Friday the 13th part II poster by Jeff Zornow.
17) Mini Gremlins figure with Gizmo...appearing to be on a small stripper pole.
18) Pumpkinhead action figure from Movie Manics.
19) Two promo masks from The Strangers from 2007.
20) Two mini Ghostface candle holders.
21) Day Of The Dead rocks from the filming location - Thanks Fright Rags!
22) Custom sketch of Amityville 1992 by Nathan Thomas Milliner. 
23) Custom painting of Amityville 1992 It's About Time.
24) Amityville 1992 VHS tape.
25) Day Of The Dead poster signed by 3 of the effects artist who worked on the film.
26) Fright Rags Popcorn poster.
27) They Live postcard
28) 8-Bit Freddy doll still in package.
29) Jason figure from Friday the 13th part 6 Jason Lives.
30) Retro Pinhead figure.
31) Saw 5 promo lollypop.
32) Jaws Hallmark Christmas figure.
33) Deadite Ash figure still in box.
34) Intruder blu-ray promo flyer.
35) Custom sketch of myself dancing with a young Sam Raimi with critters watching by Jeff Zornow.
36) Gorezone magazine with Intruder on the cover.
37) Freddy retro figure.
38) Cujo clamshell.
39) Zach Galligan autograph from Hellraiser III.
40) Another Pinhead retro figure still in packaging. 
41) Class of 1999 VHS tape/Ghoulies II VHS tape.
42) Jaws 1-4 VHS tapes.
43) Freddy from part 4 still in package.
44) Freddy from Freddy's Dead figure still in package.
45) Debbie from Nightmare 4 still in package.
46) Tarman figure still in package.
47) Freddy figure still in package signed by Robert.
48) Christine original VHS
50) Gremlins/Gremlins II trading cards still in package.
51) Custom framed piece of artwork based on Tales From The Crypt episode Strung Along by Tara Sasarak.
52) Rue Mourge Twin Peaks magazine signed by Sheryl Lee.
53) Two Ghoulies II autographs signed by William Butters.
54) Freddy from Nightmare 3 still in package.
55) Custom MBV prints/cards by StayGoldPress.
56) Day Of The Dead VHS tape, Cupid VHS tape signed by Zach Galligan, Dangerously Close VHS tape, Jaws 3 VHS, and The Midnight Hour VHS tape signed by Lee Montgomery.
57) Jaws 3 on vinyl.
58) Chopping Mall on vinyl.
60) Christine on laserdisc.
61) Creepshow vinyl.
62) Firestarter vinyl.
63) Ghoulies II laserdisc.
64) Fright Night laserdisc.
65) Intruder laserdisc.
66) Last House On The Left on vinyl.
67) Friday the 13th the series on vinyl.
68) Friday the 13th on vinyl.
69) Summer School unreleased radio soundtrack on vinyl.
70) Dangerously Close on vinyl.
71) Dee Wallace Stone autograph.
72) Leigh Whanell autograph.
73) Trick R Treat Shane Murphy.
74) Oliver Parker autograph. 
75) Monster Squad cast/crew signed autograph.
76) Tom Atkins autograph. 
77) Man's Best Friend on VHS
78) Scream Factory buttons.
79) 3 Clamshells, along with Rotten Rentals Nightmare On Elm Street case.
80) 342 horror VHS tapes. 

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