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Top ten moments from Waxwork/Waxwork II

 Top ten moments from Waxwork/Waxwork II

I think it's pretty clear how much I love the two Waxwork movies. Back in 1988 and again in 1992 Anthony Hickox wrote and directed two bizarre and wonderful horror films that were beyond ahead of their time, and have become massive cult classics today! So here is my list of the top ten moments in both films.

10) "Foot notes and everything! You are an angel!"
One of my favorite scenes from the original has to be when Mark has his poor maid do his history paper for him. I just love the character of Mark Loftmore. He's rich, he smokes, he sleeps around, he reads comics, wants to drink coffee and yes...he's friends with the servants at his house. The best is how he's assigned to write a paper and instead of staying in to do so, he goes to the local Waxwork (BIG MISTAKE!) Well, when he returns his poor Spanish maid is having a nervous breakdown trying to write the paper. Love the line "My's not so good." I guess Galligan ad-libbed the "Footnotes and everything!" line, and love the look on his face when he walks out reading the paper. Priceless. 

9) Frankenstein's mansion 
As soon as Mark and Sarah use the time compass, fly through a black hole, get attacked by a giant bat creature, have a flashback to Mark's childhood, and see a know this movie is going to be a tad bit odd. The real fun begins when Mark and Sarah in part two first end up in Frankenstein's mansion. Love the looks for both Mark and Sarah. The best of course is when the monster in the basement breaks loose and goes after the doctor squeezing his head so hard his eyes, teeth, and even brain go flying towards Mark. The best of course is when Mark is trying to show Sarah that it's just like the first movie, if you tell the monster you don't believe in them they don't have any power. Well...very quickly it's revealed that's no longer the case. I love when Mark is being shaken like a rag doll and tell Sarah to forget everything he said and to just run.

8) Sarah gets whipped
Whenever I ask somebody about Waxwork, they ALWAYS remember this scene.  For many as children, this scene sorta confused us. Why did it seem that Sarah was enjoying being whipped by the Marquis De Sade? Hum, now we know...she was into some kinky shit! With a pretty impressive set, and of course an awesome bit part played by Hickox himself, this part is legendary. "Don't look so smug boy, we shall be meeting again." Whips have never looked so sexy!

7) Surrounded by knights
A huge reason why I love Waxwork II is the score. It really is catchy! The first movie's score is on I-Tunes, and yes I downloaded the entire thing. (Makes road trips even more awesome) But, a time that truly shines with the music is when Mark and Sarah are transported to the mid-evil times. The two of them are in the middle of the forest going back and forth bickering when suddenly a group of men on horses surround them. This scene was filmed very nicely, loved the horses pushing them and all closing in before WHACK! Galligan gets slugged right in the face. The first time I saw this I was very drunk and laughed like an idiot at that moment. In fact I still do. Love how the music picks up as poor Mark watches them carry Sarah away on the horses. Magical...

6) Werewolf massacre!
Another huge reason I fell in love with Waxwork was the very first segment where poor Tony goes after his lighter only to be transported to the middle of the woods. "Okay who put acid in my drink AGAIN China?" The transformation isn't exactly wonderful, but the final result is amazing. I also love the werewolf ripping the guy's head in half. Dana Ashbook, you amaze me!

5) Bruce Campbell/Drew Barrymore
In both Waxwork films there are tons of great actors and actresses that grace the screen. The two best cameos in the sequel have to be between Bruce Campbell and Drew Barrymore, both in black and white segments! First up Bruce appears along side with Zach in the Haunting segment. I seriously die every time the whole gag goes on with Zach tossing vinegar on his open chest, ribs and all. I love Zach trying to pick the little rocks and dust off his chest and attempting to read the passage to end the ghost. Pure comedy gold. The second is most likely the strangest and most awesome horror cameo of all time. At the time of Waxwork II Drew Barrymore was a very well known actress...but as we all know before her big comeback in 1996 with Scream she was suffering...a few bad habits. Who knows, maybe she needed the money. Nevertheless, I love seeing her non speaking and very brief part as a young sleeping girl in an old fashion vampire bit when Zach falls on the bed while sword fighting. I adore the moment when he tips his top hat at her and continues fighting. God, how about that for a Waxwork tattoo. Galligan and Barrymore...perfection. 

4) "Live my children, live!
There's a reason why it's called the Cabin Of The Woods for the 1980's! In the huge showdown at the end, Mr. Lincoln has collected his 18 victims and awakes them as poor Mark and Sarah try to escape. Slowly each killer and monster from each display slowly comes to life only to do battle with a rag tag team of elderly men! (Yep you're reading that right.) The fight goes on and on as one by one the monsters begin coming to life and doing battle with everyone. There's sword fighting, a dwarf gets eaten by a giant plant, a werewolf twists a man's head off, fire, and even wax!

3) Vampire blood bath
So many people remember Waxwork for this single scene. In fact I remember being floored the first time I watched it at the amount of gore that appeared on screen. Young China accidentally walks into the display where a handsome wax statue of a man is leaning against a set of stairs. Next thing she knows she's wandered into a massive castle wearing an evening gown with a group of guest at the dinner table waiting for her. The handsome man is the display sits at the head of the table alive and well and asks her to sit down. There China plays along as if it's a dinner party only to dine on some steak tar-tar which is much better with the red sauce. Afterwards she begins to suspect all isn't what it seems and when she tries to escape she finds herself in the basement where a man, claiming to be her fiance' lays strapped to a table with the flesh completely skinned from his leg right down to the bone (guess what they were eating at the dinner?) Here China learns that the castle is filled with vampires. Acting quickly she fights back as the dinner guests begin to attack one by one. The ending result is one of the bloodiest massacres of all time. Blood sprays everywhere and poor China's beautiful white dress is ruined!

2) Sword fighting across time
One of the best moments of Waxwork II has to be when Mark and the main villain Scarabis begin sword fighting to the death as Mark wears the time compass which causes the two of them to slowly walk into different dimensions. First the street alleyways of Jack the ripper, then a black and white hotel room where a Nosferatu looking vampire is about the prey on two young sleeping girls, a disco 70's mall with zombies, and even in Japan where a Godzilla monster is attacking! These are all great little nods to so many classic horror movies. I love when they finally come fighting back to the castle a strange metal robot comes walking in as well. The best is in the Godzilla part where Mark looks up and they do the horrible bad dubbing as he yells "Oh no!".

1) Graveyard barrier
There is a huge reason why this moment makes the #1's my favorite! In fact anyone who is Facebook friends with me will see that my cover photo is of Mark trapped in the barrier from this very scene. In fact, two of the times I've met Zach Galligan I asked him to do the trapped in the barrier pose...which is pretty much just putting our hands up and looking shocked = Thank you Mr. Galligan for putting up with my bullshit. This scene is the best simply because it pays tribute to the classic black and white zombie film Night Of The Living Dead. Love when Mark stumbles in the graveyard only to find flesh eating zombies slowly chasing after him. It's also here a huge moment is revealed when Mark tries to leave the graveyard only to be stopped by walking into the barrier. Classic!

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