Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HorrorHound Weekend 2014!

 HorrorHound Weekend 2014!
I came upon staffing HorrorHound four years ago when I was away at school. My friend Kat had staffed HorrorHound thru the school since they were having a table doing make-up. That November she asked a small group of us if we were interested in driving over to Ohio to work the show since she knew the people who ran it. Being a huge fan of the magazine, I had always been interested in this show since the guest list always looked amazing, but was always too far for me to travel to. (In the past I had only been to Rock & Shock and Monster Mania) Well that weekend I can't even express into words. It was nothing short of amazing. I honestly had never felt so welcomed before by such a fun group of people. Guarding doors, and making sure hallways were clear, I slowly began to meet the HorrorHound crew and discovered what all the hype was about. HorrorHound rocked. In that one weekend alone I met not only a great group of people who shared the same passion of horror films than I did, but also the actors who attended who were honestly the friendliest batch of guests I had the pleasure of meeting. Even Linda Blair as scary as she was ended up being pretty cool!

That following spring after I had emergency surgery in my last semester, another batch of us traveled to Indy this time to staff the second show that featured Mask Fest. That weekend was another great time, where I met makeup artist Steve Johnson and Kevin J O' Connor. That following November after I graduated I came back again and staffed another show that was held back in Ohio. It broke my heart whenever I couldn't make it to a show, but always was a huge high-light when I could make it out there. Staffing Indy again, it soon became my favorite show. Last year I discovered how crazy the Walking Dead fans could get and despite a snow storm and having the stomach bug, I was beyond grateful to have such an awesome event to look forward to every few months. In fact as much as I hate traveling, HorrorHound never disappoints, and now feels like a second family to me. After missing out on the fall show (don't even get me started on the Jamie Lee Curtis one last year) I decided to prove to myself I could make the drive out there without getting sick. So last week, I drove thru a rain storm to NY where I met up with fellow horror friends Jeanette, Casey, and Lindsey. 10 hours later we arrived and staffed the show now held across the street from the original hotel at the massive convention center. Seeing so many friends again warmed by heart, and being able to have an indoor water part just a few feet away didn't hurt either. 

I originally was supposed to spend the ENTIRE weekend staffing the show at Ted Raimi's table. I think it's pretty clear what a HUGE Raimi fan I am, and just the thought of spending the entire weekend with him had me speechless. In fact, me and Jeanette were supposed to pick him up from the airport with composer Christopher Young. Sadly, we learned Ted came down with the flu and wouldn't be able to make it that weekend. As disappointed as I was I decided to show must go on and a car ride with Christopher Young didn't hurt either. I'm a huge fan of Young's work in Flowers In The Attic, The Gift, Hellraiser, and Drag Me To Hell. Just riding in a car with him and picking his brain was amazing. In fact this weekend Chris gave me a copy of one of his few un-released copies of his un-used score from Spiderman III where he left his email and phone number to let me drop him a line telling him what I thought. = Nerd snort.

I pretty much guarded doors, ran actors to their tables, and cleared hallways during the weekend. It was busy, but not crazy busy AND even tho we were freezing to death in our hotel room (awesome heater for breaking...awesome...) I had a blast and didn't feel sick at all! Like I said a huge reason why I do these shows is to honestly see my friends who staff there. Nothing feels better than knocking back a few beers with them and geeking over a movie.

As for guests I pretty much met everyone going to their tables but the ones I got autographs from were just a small handful such as the man who voiced the crypt keeper, Deborah Foreman = Waxwork nerd's dream!, Danny Hicks (who loved my Raimi tattoo), the lamb from You're Next, and even had two photo ops with Bruce Campbell. (The first goes down as the worst photo of me ever, yet is my favorite photo taken of me ever.) 

Didn't spend much time at the vendors but did snag some sweet bootlegs, a few soundtracks, and a sweet hoddie from the fright rags table. Had a lot of laughs, and was sad to see everyone go. 

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