Monday, February 18, 2013

Waxwork on laserdisc!

 Waxwork on laserdisc!

Am I the world's biggest Waxwork fan? 


My life's mission is to collect as much Waxwork I and II merchandise as possible. So far I would like to say my modest collection is pretty good. A few weeks ago I noticed on Amazon that they had a very cheap copy of Waxwork on laserdisc. My strange obsession with laserdiscs have slowly begun to develop this past year. As a huge VHS tape collector I thought what's next? Well I'm jumping ahead and saying laserdics are coming back in a huge fashion and before you know it a ton of a very annoying hipsters will want them "sigh."

So far I have Fright Night, Gremlins II, Christine, and Intruder on laserdisc. I decided why not have one of my all time favorite horror movies to join the club.

I believe I spent ten dollars on this which isn't that bad. It came in the mail on Saturday and I was thrilled. God willing, I'm planning on visiting some friends in Florida later this spring and I plan on attending Spooky Empire, which Zach Galligan will be attending. I have missed several changes with meeting him and I plan on making this poor guy sign every single fucking piece of Waxwork shit I own. This laserdisc being one of them.

As far as I know part 2 isn't on laserdisc which sorta bums me out. Still, I was thrilled with the great condition this movie was in and I think after getting a few more titles my little laserdisc collection will be ending. Plus, I kinda need a laserdisc player, but that's for another time.

So for all you Waxwork fans out there, behold the stunning laserdisc release of the 1988 classic!

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